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Training School "Multilevel Modelling in Eye-Tracking and Keystroke-Logging Research: Hands-on-Training" in Potsdam (Germany) 28-31 March 2012


We are pleased to announce that a European COST Training School titled "Multilevel Modelling in Eye-Tracking and Keystroke-Logging Research: Hands-on-Training" is to be held at the University of Potsdam, Germany. The Training School aims at providing intensive training on Multilevel Modelling using statistical software on datasets gained from combined Eye-Tracking and Keystroke-Logging experiments.


COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology.
COST aims at bringing researchers together in networks. COST Actions involve early career and more experienced scientists, and COST Training Schools give early-career and other researchers a platform to access the highest level of expertise from leaders in their fields. (

COST Action IS0703: “ERN-LWE”
The European Research Network on Learning to Write Effectively started in May 2008, and involves 160 researchers in the field of Writing from 22 countries. It comprises four Working Groups : Early acquisition of writing skills, Improvements in written communication, Design of written documents, Technological advances in writing tools.

THE COST TRAINING SCHOOL “Multilevel Modelling in Eye-Tracking and Keystroke-Logging Research: Hands-on-Training”
By combining Eye-Tracking and Keystroke-Logging in psycholinguistic experiments researchers get the chance to open two windows on cognitive processes at the same time. However, to achieve this complex datasets have to be handled and analysed. Multilevel modelling represents an appropriate way of dealing with these datasets and is becoming a standard in statistical analysis. The Training School will provide intensive training on multilevel modelling using the statistical software packages R and MLWin on datasets provided by the organizers as well as dataset brought forward by the trainees.
The Training School will last four days. Wednesday, the first day, will be an optional warm-up day, with a “Basic R Training” session in the morning. In the afternoon we’ll show an EyeLink 1000 remote Eye-Tracker at work in a keystroke-logging experiment using the EyeWrite and Experiment Builder software. The main training school starts on Thursday. After two introductory talks in the morning we’ll have all-day hands-on-training in the computer pool on using multilevel modelling on a prepared dataset. On the last day you can either continue work with our dataset or get advice and support in analysing your own data.

The trainers are:

- Huub van den Bergh (University of Utrecht),
- Thom Baguley (Nottingham Trent University),
- Sven De Maeyer (University of Antwerp),
- Reinhold Kliegl (University of Potsdam),
- Mark Torrance (Nottingham Trent University),
- Anja Gendt (University of Potsdam),
- Jochen Laubrock (University of Potsdam),
- Guido Nottbusch (University of Potsdam).


Trainees – Application Procedure
The training school is open to
• PhD students
• researchers who completed their PhD in the last 10 years
• other researchers who want to develop their skills

A maximum of 25 trainees will be accepted.
The registration fees to the Training School (including coffee breaks and 4 days courses) are :
• 150,- € for early career researchers without a full and/or non-permanent position
• 250,- € for researchers with a full and/or permanent position

The COST Action “ERN-LWE” will offer 5 grants (500,- €) in order to support the travel and accommodation of 5 trainees. In this case, the registration to the Training School is free. Only early career researchers can apply for a grant.
Selection of participants will be made on the basis of the submitted information, and the statement of how attending the Training School will benefit the participant and their home research group.
A letter of interest and a letter of recommendation (from supervisor or laboratory-department director if appropriate) are needed (pdf).
During registration, state your current position if you are applying for a grant.
According to the COST objective promoting European networking (mobility and exchanges), a trainee cannot apply for a grant in a Training School occurring in their own country.

Applications to attend the Training School should be made using the e-form below:

Who are you ?
[Required] :
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Gender :
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Position :
Training School
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Do you apply for a COST grant (500 euros) ? [Required] :
By clicking on the case below, I understand that :
- I have to attend the whole Training School (from 28 to 31 March 2012)
- I can beneficiate of a grant/reimbursement (up to 500 euros) from the COST Action IS0703. This grant will be versed after the event in order to contribute to the travel and accommodation fees.
Approval :


Announcement = 18 January 2012
DEADLINE of submission = 19 February 2012
Official decision by the COST Office and Grant Holder = 24 February 2012

Training School
• Start time : 28 March 2012 – 10 am
• End Time : 31 March 2012 – 5 pm


Training School in Potsdam
Anja Gendt
Department of Primary School Education
University of Potsdam
phone +49 331 977 2368

COST Action IS0703 ERN-LWE (
• Denis Alamargot (Chair):
• Asa Wengelin (Vice-Chair):
• Joachim Grabowski (Scientific Secretary):

Supplementary information and the full "call for candidatures" can be downloaded here:


Last update : 14 February 2012


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